My experience in front of microphone and camera. My first podcast.

This is rather an unusual post after some informational articles I shared with you previously via Facebook (EMOLY) or Instagram (emolynaturalskincare). I decided to share my newest experience … doing a podcast that was broadcast live audience – being in front of the biggest audience - YOU. It’s funny how things seem and feel different between writing Facebook articles and actually facing YOU.

Well, I’m not the most experienced public speaker. In fact, I’ve been always petrified of it and I know that lots of you can relate to this. Since my school years whenever I had to speak in front of my class I would go ‘blank’. I was a cute, but super shy kid. This meant that I would often be selected for school shows, concerts and etc. The only problem was that once I was on stage … dressed beautifully, looking so sweet etc - I would look around and see all the faces with expectations and the fear of being criticised, of fooling myself would disable me. Each time I would just stand there, completely frozen, looking at all of those faces with tears streaming down my face. Somebody would have to come onto the stage and collect me. That’s was the extent of my fear of public speaking. That WAS me...

So, when I met Ann J..- Business Director from Ginger Camel and we had a great, super casual chat she suggested for me to join Doha Heat podcast. At that stage, I thought “‘why not - let’s do it – it’s something different...” I really didn’t think that I will have to face it so soon or expect it to be broadcast live. The next day I received a message about the interview details. It was just 3 days away. I froze. I knew it might be my ONLY chance so once again I said ‘lets do it’. When I pressed the SEND button on the invitation email I was shaking, crying and would not get a word out. After calming down a bit, I called my husband and I said ‘I can’t believe what I’m going to do on Sat’. I was going to face my biggest fear.


I tried preparing myself, but it is a casual interview – sort of when friends meet over a coffee. However, I’ve never met Elizabeth Wood (the host) before and I had no idea what questions she might be asking.

My emotions were all over the place – Thursday crazy nervous, Friday excited and couldn’t wait for the interview and Saturday – both.


On the day, at the studio door, I met the Founder of Ginger Camel - Stefan Lingberg-Jones. We had a nice chat. Stefan is an amazing guy with great ideas and real passion – a very inspiring individual. He’s so down to earth that I kind of forgot about the nervousness (to some point).

Stefan set up the camera, lights, microphones and that’s where things started getting shaky. I felt like a jelly fish (can only assume how they feel). The beginning of the interview was tense although Elizabeth did an amazing job with being calm, understanding and set the atmosphere very well. So off we went…..during the interview my crazy subconscious was messing around with my mind but the heart was saying ‘you might make mistakes, so what – look what you’re doing now’. I used ‘anchoring’ (from my Life Coaching training) to shift the mind set and it really worked. Midway through the interview I forgot about the audience, all the fear and potential embarrassments and … I actually started to enjoy myself. I felt like a new me. Because of the podcast with Doha Heat I have been invited to be featured on other publications. I’ve also received so many wonderful messages from all over the world; from strangers, family, friends congratulating me and telling me that the interview was inspiring to some. People are amazing and so supportive. I cannot believe how this positive energy is spreading everywhere. I’m pretty sure that if I could do it, you can do it too. And we are here to support each other. This has been an amazing and surreal couple of days. Incredible…


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