Daily routine


The truth is that our skin is a mirror to our overall health and well-being. Beautiful, radiant and healthy skin is not only reserved for those who can afford expensive products or luxurious spa treatments; it is something that we can ALL have by developing good habits and making careful choices. 
Regular use of natural skin care products that are free from harsh chemicals, good diet and a daily routine that is simple yet properly ordered will transform your skin into clear, moist and radiant complexion.
Just four to five easy steps that you apply on daily basis, that’s all you need.
Step 1. CLEANSE. Use either a cream, foam or wash-off face soap to remove make-up and dirt. This should be done in the morning and evening.  Do not use harsh cleansers or scrub vigorously. Stay away from harsh detergents and preservatives that may irritate your skin. When you are finished it is best to gently pat the skin dry rather than rubbing it.
Step 2. TONE. User toner (alcohol free as it dries the skin) to lower the skin’s PH. Soaps usually are alkaline (high PH), where healthy skin should be between 4.5 and 6. This important step (it is not optional) should refresh, refine pores, remove cleanser residue and prepare the skin for a nourishing moisturiser.  Remember that sweat can clog your pores, making your skin blotchy and exacerbate existing skin conditions, such as acne. Best toners are herbal toners or floral waters. 
Step 3. SERUM. Serums supply special nutrients to the skin in concentrated form. They penetrate more deeply and absorb more quickly than moisturises. They should also be applied before moisturises. For a mature skin, they should be packed with collagen-boosting peptides and antioxidant botanicals.
Ste 4. MOISTURISE. This part is dependent on the effect you’re trying to achieve as well as your skin conditions. A good moisturiser helps to keep your skin healthy, toned and radiant.