Marhaba with Emoly Natural Skincare - Information Guide in Qatar

"Established in 1994, the Marhaba Website and Publication was created with the mission to fill an information gap and provide a comprehensive, accurate and interesting information about Qatar for the community at large. It has produced in excess of one million publications and it keeps expanding each year. Since its inception more than 20 years ago, Marhaba has achieved their leading and respected position in the local market. "  

Doha Heat - live podcasts

"Is your skin dull and tired from all the stress it goes through? Do you want to know the small steps you can take to protect and help nourish it?
Doha Heat had the pleasure to meet Marzena Hallam founder of Emoly, who creates 100% natural skin care products in Qatar. Listen in to know what the best practices are to care for your skin. 
Follow Emoly to know more about how organic skin care can benefit you and also spread awareness to the community about its importance."