Skin around the clock


I’m going to share some beauty secrets that I picked up during my study, which I believe you will find not only interesting but very helpful.

Throughout the day skin follows its own daily ritual. It is tempting to try to bully it into submission by using various skin care products, but understanding its natural rhythm, is the easiest path to a healthier and beautiful complexion. Every skin, regardless of whether it is considered healthy or problematic, changes on almost an hourly basis. So, before you apply any expensive creams, masks or serums make sure you get the most out of the products you are using by ensuring you are using them at the correct times and also not causing further damage / issues.  

AROUND 8AM. Skin is less likely to absorb products than in it is in the afternoon, so it’s not a good time to apply rich (or expensive) masks or serums.

MIDDAY. Production of new skin cells is at its lowest (the highest is b/t 9pm and 3am), therefore oil production is high. You start shining :- ). You may find that skin conditions such as psoriasis are becoming more noticeable.

AROUND 4PM. Awesome absorption. Apply your nourishing creams, masks and serums now.

4PM-9PM. Your body temperature goes up, your pores open up and you may sweat more. I would suggest a nice, warm bath to aid detox.

8-9PM to MIDNIGHT. At this time skin is more sensitive to histamine, which means any itchy skin conditions may worsen. Also, the skin becomes more acidic (skin by its nature is acidic) so it is not recommended to apply harsh acidic products and scrubs before going to sleep.

AROUND 2AM. At around 2am you skin produces about half the volume of the oil  that it does at midday. This means that it is at its driest at this time. Therefore, you should be applying nourishing oils or moisturises before going to sleep. Also, don’t forget that water loss is at its highest during the night.