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I cannot emphasize enough the importance of choosing natural skincare products over synthetic alternatives. Natural skincare products are crafted from ingredients that mimic the natural processes and oils of the skin, promoting a healthier complexion without the risk of irritation or harm that synthetic chemicals can cause. These plant-based formulations are not only kinder to your skin but also to the environment, as they eschew harmful chemicals and unsustainable ingredients. Furthermore, natural skincare products are rich in antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals, offering therapeutic benefits that work in harmony with your skin's innate biology to heal, rejuvenate, and protect. Opting for natural skincare means choosing products that are free from harsh preservatives, artificial fragrances, and colorants, which are often the culprits behind allergic reactions and skin sensitivities. By embracing natural skincare, you are investing in your skin's long-term health, allowing it to thrive naturally.

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Switching to natural skincare initially disrupts your skin's balance due to several factors. Often, the mainstream products can damage the protective skin barrier, leading to dryness and a shift in the microbiome causing breakouts. They can trigger irritation due to individual sensitivities and pH changes. Finally, a "detoxification" phase when moving from mainstream to natural skincare products can result in temporary purging as the skin sheds built-up ingredients. On the left is a typical chronological transition from mainstream to natural skincare, which can be applicable to various skin types and ages, but the specific experience may vary among individuals.
Here's a dive into six common skin types and how natural skincare can meet their unique needs: 

Normal: The holy grail! This balanced skin experiences minimal oiliness, dryness, or sensitivity. Natural, gentle cleansers and lightweight moisturizers are ideal to maintain this dreamboat state. 

Dry: This skin type craves hydration! It often feels tight, flaky, and may show fine lines. Opt for natural, gentle, hydrating cleansers and rich moisturizers with natural humectants like hyaluronic acid. 

Dehydrated: Unlike dry skin, which lacks oil, dehydrated skin lacks water. It may feel tight but not necessarily flaky. Natural hydrating serums and moisturizers with humectants and emollients are perfect to lock in moisture. 

Oily: This skin produces excess sebum, leading to a shiny T-zone and visible pores. Use natural, oil-free, non-comedogenic cleansers and lightweight, oil-controlling moisturizers with natural mattifying ingredients like clay or niacinamide. 

Sensitive: This skin type reacts easily to products, experiencing redness, irritation, or stinging. Natural, fragrance-free, hypoallergenic formulas are a must, and always patch test new products before applying. 

Combination: This is the most common, where different areas have different needs. The T-zone might be oily while the cheeks are dry. Use natural targeted products for each area, like a lightweight moisturizer for the face and a richer cream for cheeks

How to shop for skincare products?

By taking charge of your skincare journey, you'll avoid buyer's remorse and achieve a healthy, confident glow that comes from within (and informed choices!).

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We source only 100% natural ingredients for our unmatched skincare line!


Our sustainably sourced high quality ingredients come from suppliers that share the same principles.


Our skincare is formulated with natural active ingredients, that are effective but affordable too.


Experience science backed formulas engineered for efficacy and skin compatibility. 

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Beauty Nectar for youthful looking skin with Prickly Pear
Beauty Nectar for youthful looking skin with Prickly Pear

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Beauty Nectar for youthful looking skin with Prickly Pear

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Frequently Questions Asked

  1. Q. Is this washable?
    A: The eye mask is totally washable, hand wash and gently rub with cool water. Then the naturally dry, avoid wring dry
  2. Q. How do I use the product?
    A: The eye mask is totally washable, hand wash and gently rub with cool water. Then the naturally dry, avoid wring dry.